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Level 3 – Upper Intermediate

Level 3 Speech Bubbles will have completed a full academic year with us at Level 2 before joining this group. At Level 3 we build on prior knowledge of vocabulary and grammar structures and begin to extend your communicative competences. We will boost our receptive skills through the use of authentic and unaltered reading and listening materials and really start to pick apart more advanced language. At this level you will have the opportunity to sit assessments in all 4 skill areas (Listening, Talking, Reading and Writing) … but only if you feel ready to give it a go! Rest assured – the level of complexity might be heating up, but here at Speech Bubble we are committed to supporting you fully in the next step to achieve your own language-learning goals. Equivalent Levels:  Scottish Qualifications Authority National 5, CEFR Level B1 / B2

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