UK Wide language courses in Spanish & French

Speech Bubble Languages provide fun Spanish and French classes throughout the UK through our growing network of licensees. 

Read on to find out more about our course levels and content. 

If you’re unsure of where your existing language skills come into play, simply contact your local teacher for a no-obligation chat!


Level 1 - Beginners

“Quisiera un vino tinto por favor.”
“Je voudrais un vin rouge s’il vous plaît.

This course is designed for those of you ready to take your first steps in language-learning, or for those who are a bit “rusty” with the language.

Level 2 - Intermediate

“Éste es mi marido…¡es tonto!”
“Voici mon mari… il est fou!

Is it time for you to take the next step in your language learning adventure? Can you order than “vino tinto” or “vin rouge” with confidence… but still secretly hope the waiter won’t actually try to have a conversation with you?! Well, Speech Bubble Level 1/2 is for you!

Level 3 - Upper Intermediate

Level 3 Speech Bubbles will have completed a full academic year with us at Level 2 before joining this group.

At Level 3 we build on prior knowledge of vocabulary and grammar structures and begin to extend your communicative competences.

Level 4 - Advanced

Our Level 4 course is an in-depth, two-year course. Students are given the opportunity to develop reading, listening, talking and writing skills, and to develop their knowledge and understanding of detailed and complex language in the contexts of society, learning, employability, culture.

Level 5 - Advanced+

At Level 5 students will have covered a lot of ground and will join the group with the ability to converse freely in both predictable and unpredictable topic areas.

Course Fees

(Course fees vary – please contact your local tutor for more information)