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Level 5 – Advanced+

At Level 5 students will have covered a lot of ground and will join the group with the ability to converse freely in both predictable and unpredictable topic areas.  The course offers students an opportunity to develop and extend a wide range of skills. In particular, it aims to enable students to: 
  • develop advanced skills in reading, listening, talking, and writing, as appropriate to purpose, audience and context 
  • further develop grammatical knowledge 
  • further develop the language skills of translation 
  • use creative and critical thinking to synthesise ideas and arguments
  • develop independent learning skills including research and analytical skills 
  • further enhance their enjoyment and understanding of their own and other cultures 
Level 5 is very much a “maintenance” level course whereby students are gaining valuable exposure and engagement with the language on a regular basis to ensure their skills are of a consistently high standard.  Equivalent Levels:  Scottish Qualifications Authority Level 7 (Advanced Higher), CEFR Level C1+

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