The Scottish European Educational Trust

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Speech Bubble Languages is proud to announce that our Director, Louise, has recently accepted the role of Trustee for the Scottish European Educational Trust (SEET).

SEET is a charity that aims to promote and support education about Europe and European issues in Scottish schools. Their primary focus is on developing educational resources and delivering programs that enhance students’ understanding of Europe, its cultures, languages, and institutions.

SEET works closely with teachers, schools, and educational partners to provide engaging and informative materials and activities. They offer programs such as the Euroquiz, a national competition that tests students’ knowledge of Europe, and the Language Ambassador Programme, which promotes language learning through peer mentoring.

SEET also organizes study visits to European countries, giving Scottish teachers the opportunity to experience firsthand the cultures and practices of different European nations. By providing these educational initiatives, SEET aims to foster a greater understanding and appreciation of Europe among young people in Scotland.

For more detailed information about the Scottish European Educational Trust, including their current programs and initiatives, we recommend visiting 

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