Speech Bubbles are off to sunny Spain!

On a mission to bring language-learning to life for our Speech Bubbles we will be running our first-ever “school trip” to Spain this October!

Speech Bubble Spanish students are invited to participate in a week-long language and cultural immersion coast in the town of Nerja, near Málaga on the Costa del Sol.

Nerja is known for its stunning views, historic charm, and relaxing atmosphere. With its picturesque beaches, charming old quarter, and famous Balcón de Europa viewpoint, Nerja offers visitors a perfect blend of natural beauty and cultural attractions. Whether you’re exploring its narrow streets, enjoying the pristine beaches, or marveling at the Nerja Caves, this charming town is a delightful destination for a memorable Spanish getaway.

Our host for the week is the award-winning Escuela de Idiomas Nerja, who have a jam-packed schedule planned for our students.  Escuela de Idiomas Nerja specialises in teaching Spanish and provides a diverse range of Spanish language courses tailored to students of different levels and ages. Their teaching methodology focuses on immersive experiences, diversified activities, excursions, and classes that cater to the needs of students seeking Spanish courses in Spain.

If you’re interested in learning Spanish in Nerja, come join our Speech Bubbles this October!  All are welcome!

For more info on the language school in Nerja visit https://www.idnerja.com/

The Scottish European Educational Trust

Speech Bubble Languages is proud to announce that our Director, Louise, has recently accepted the role of Trustee for the Scottish European Educational Trust (SEET).

SEET is a charity that aims to promote and support education about Europe and European issues in Scottish schools. Their primary focus is on developing educational resources and delivering programs that enhance students’ understanding of Europe, its cultures, languages, and institutions.

SEET works closely with teachers, schools, and educational partners to provide engaging and informative materials and activities. They offer programs such as the Euroquiz, a national competition that tests students’ knowledge of Europe, and the Language Ambassador Programme, which promotes language learning through peer mentoring.

SEET also organizes study visits to European countries, giving Scottish teachers the opportunity to experience firsthand the cultures and practices of different European nations. By providing these educational initiatives, SEET aims to foster a greater understanding and appreciation of Europe among young people in Scotland.

For more detailed information about the Scottish European Educational Trust, including their current programs and initiatives, we recommend visiting https://seet.org.uk 

Why join a Franchise Association?

Franchising has emerged as a powerful business model that offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to own and operate their own businesses under an established brand.  In several countries franchising is government regulated, but this is not the case here in the UK. Franchise associations in the UK are both voluntary & self-regulated. You do not have to join to become a Franchisor in the UK. 

So why join an association?  

Franchise associations are vital components of the franchise ecosystem, providing immense value to franchisees and franchisors alike. Through their advocacy, knowledge sharing, networking, and resource access, they create a supportive and collaborative environment that drives the success of franchise businesses. Franchise associations empower franchisees to thrive by equipping them with the tools, knowledge, and connections needed to navigate the challenges of running a business. As the franchise industry continues to grow, the importance of franchise associations will only increase, fostering a vibrant and prosperous franchise community for years to come.

Speech Bubble Languages has been awarded full membership of the Quality Franchise Association.  As a member of the QFA, Speech Bubble Languages is dedicated to ethical franchising. Members follow a strict Code of Conduct with the sole purpose of ensuring the very best practice between a Franchisor and its franchisees.

Don’t let fear hold you back from reaching your career goals. You can rest assured that our franchise package is the best in the business for language professionals with the drive to be their own boss. Fall in love with teaching again with Speech Bubble Languages! 

Case Study from one of our students Andrew

In this case study we hear from Andrew, one of our long-term Speech Bubble students from Glasgow.

What were your initial reasons for wanting to learn with Speech Bubble?

My young daughter Ella had been Spanish classes for 4 years and I was inspired by her progress and decided that I would like to embark on my own language – learning adventure,

We as a family are regular visitors to Spain and it has always been a personal goal of mine to learn Spanish as well as supporting Ella with her studies.

Had you studied a language before coming to Speech Bubble?

I had no previous knowledge of Spanish from school and reached out to Louise at Speech Bubble Languages for some guidance and support.   I started to attend weekly classes and was encouraged by the opportunity to learn a language in a very supportive and relaxed environment with like-minded individuals.

How has your experience been so far?

Louise is an excellent, supportive teacher and the materials provided to aid your learning are fantastic; very well-prepared and easy to follow, with online tools such as Languagenut available to supplement your learning.

All topics are very relevant to real-life situations that you may find yourself in – for example, ordering food and drinks at a restaurant, finding your way around town, checking in and out of hotels, etc. 

It’s amazing how much vocabulary you can actually learn in such a short space of time!

What progress have you made?

With the help and support provided, I have now progressed to a level where I feel confident enough to speak to Spanish people on holiday on a regular basis and I have found that they are really appreciative and helpful when you make the effort to speak in the local language.

This is really encouraging and motivates you to speak as much as possible, which is a great way to practise learn and develop.

In addition, as Speech Bubble is an SQA-Approved Language Provider, I took the opportunity to sit some exams and was recently successful in passing Spanish SQCF Level 5, which has given me a great sense of achievement.  I am now currently studying Spanish SQCF Level 6.

What would you say to a friend who was considering learning with Speech Bubble?

No matter your age, background or level of knowledge, my advice to anyone considering learning a new language would be to just ‘go for it’ – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

It is a very worthwhile and rewarding experience.  Speech Bubble offers an excellent platform for you to learn a new language in an enjoyable environment, with great materials and support.

What are you waiting for?!

¡A por ellos!

Russell Case Study

I started my Speech Bubble journey when I started to get that itch to teach again. I left teaching French & Spanish in secondary schools in 2021 to start a new challenge in the world of Ed Tech. I’m really enjoying my new role but as I mainly work from home, I started to miss the buzz of face-to-face teaching and regularly using my language skills. I got in touch with Louise late in 2022 about setting up my own Speech Bubble franchise in Dumfries & Galloway and she clearly explained the full process from start to finish – this gave me more than enough confidence to know that I would have access to a brilliant network of support.

As I was planning to continue working full-time in my other role, I knew that having access to high quality guidance for the initial set up the business and well-thought-out resources for the classes would be a massive time saver for me. I started teaching my evening classes from January 2023 and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed using the materials which still allow for plenty of flexibility to teach in your own style and the varied activities and games have been a huge hit with my students. Now, the business is a great source of additional income for me, and I am enjoying being able to teach both of my languages again. Although it is still very much a side-hustle for me, I am keen to expand the business further across the region so will be on the lookout for some tutors to join my team as well.

For anyone thinking about setting up their own franchise, I would highly recommend Speech Bubble – Louise has been a fantastic support and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share!